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About Michelle Lana Photography

Capturing Real Life… Natural, Genuine, Spontaneous.

I am an on location photographer located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I prefer the use of natural light and honest smiles.

Welcome to my blog, thank you for stopping by!!!! I use this site to post recent work, sometimes personal, sometimes professional. Sorta like a photo diary! You can get to know a little more about me, my children and my friends and family.

Contact me at 604.339.3675 or info@michellelanaphotography.ca

M+R Engaged-(Crescent Beach Wedding Photographer)

July 17th, 2014

We sure have been lucky with weather so far this summer!!! (knock on wood haha) M+R and I made our way to Blackie Spit at Crescent Beach for their engagement session on the very first official day of summer.  The weather was gorgeous… the light was perfect!… and love was definitely in the air.  M+R have a natural chemistry together that comes across so beautifully in photographs.  They are so natural with each other.  Made my job easy ;) and I thank you both for allowing me to capture your love for you!!!  Can’t wait till your wedding day :) :) … only a couple more weeks!!

blackiespitengagementphotographer_0001 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0002 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0003 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0004 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0005 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0006 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0007 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0008 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0009 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0010 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0011 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0012 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0013 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0014 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0015 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0016 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0017 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0018 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0019 blackiespitengagementphotographer_0020

C+B Engaged-(Keats Island Engagement Photographer)

July 5th, 2014

B+C are close family friends.  I am absolutely THRILLED that they asked me to photograph their wedding!!!!  During our initial meeting about their wedding, they asked if I would be interested in coming with them to their family cabin on Keats Island for their engagement session.  The island holds a lot of significance to the couple and their family and quite honestly, it’s STUNNING.  Of course,  I said ABSOLUTELY!!! Let’s do this!!!! :)
We headed over one beautiful June weekend and spent an evening exploring the island, hiking to a beautiful lookout point and then finished on a dock with the sun setting behind the mountains!  It was a perfect day!  Keats Island is so beautiful and B+C are perfect together!!!!
Thank you for having me stay with you guys for the weekend.  It was such a treat for my husband, sons and I to get to explore the island with you and share in such a fabulous weekend!!  My kids still won’t stop talking about it and ask about you guys constantly!!  It was definitely a weekend they’ll never forget!!!
Can’t wait for your wedding :) :) :)

 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0014 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0015 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0016 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0017 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0018 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0019 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0020 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0021 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0022 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0023 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0024 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0025 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0026 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0027 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0028 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0029 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0030 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0031 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0032 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0033 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0034 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0035 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0036


J+S Engaged-(Campbell Valley Park Engagement Photographer)

July 1st, 2014

Campbell Valley Park is one of my favorite spots for engagement photos!!  I adore the rustic barns and wide open fields… and on the right night… the LIGHT is absolutely gorgeous.
Can’t wait for your wedding, you two!!  :)

campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0001 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0002 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0003 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0004 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0005 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0006 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0007 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0008 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0009 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0010 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0011 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0012 campbellvalleyparkengagementphotographer_0013


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