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About Michelle Lana Photography

Capturing Real Life… Natural, Genuine, Spontaneous.

I am an on location photographer located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I prefer the use of natural light and honest smiles.

Welcome to my blog, thank you for stopping by!!!! I use this site to post recent work, sometimes personal, sometimes professional. Sorta like a photo diary! You can get to know a little more about me, my children and my friends and family.

Contact me at 604.339.3675 or info@michellelanaphotography.ca

L+B Wedding- (Newlands Wedding Photographer)

July 15th, 2015

I cannot believe how much we’ve lucked out with weather this year.  It’s always a gamble with the weather when you choose a spring date for your wedding.  But this gorgeous couple lucked out big time with their wedding day.  It was so hot and so beautiful!!  We started our day at L’s parents gorgeous home out in Abbotsford.  What a stunning place!! There was a lot of laughter and a lot of joy on this morning.  Love the eager anticipation before a ceremony!!

Once L was dressed and ready to go, we met B at a local park for their first look.  I love first looks so much.  Such a private, intimate moment between bride and groom… to be able to actually talk to one another when they get their first glimpse of how each looks in their wedding attire.  Love how excited B was to see his gorgeous bride!!

Then we headed out for the ceremony!  Such a pretty church!

The reception was held at Newlands Golf Course.  All in all, it was an amazing day!  Thank you L+B for having me share in your big day!!  I hope you are both enjoying married life!! :)

Big thanks to Larissa, my trusty second for the day.  A handful of the images included in this post were photographed by her.  Love having you by my side at weddings, Larissa <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you <3langleyweddingphotographer_0001 langleyweddingphotographer_0002 langleyweddingphotographer_0003 langleyweddingphotographer_0004 langleyweddingphotographer_0005 langleyweddingphotographer_0006 langleyweddingphotographer_0007 langleyweddingphotographer_0008 langleyweddingphotographer_0009 langleyweddingphotographer_0010 langleyweddingphotographer_0011 langleyweddingphotographer_0012 langleyweddingphotographer_0013 langleyweddingphotographer_0014 langleyweddingphotographer_0015 langleyweddingphotographer_0016 langleyweddingphotographer_0017 langleyweddingphotographer_0018 langleyweddingphotographer_0019 langleyweddingphotographer_0020 langleyweddingphotographer_0021 langleyweddingphotographer_0022 langleyweddingphotographer_0023 langleyweddingphotographer_0024 langleyweddingphotographer_0025 langleyweddingphotographer_0026 langleyweddingphotographer_0027 langleyweddingphotographer_0028 langleyweddingphotographer_0029 langleyweddingphotographer_0030 langleyweddingphotographer_0031 langleyweddingphotographer_0032 langleyweddingphotographer_0033 langleyweddingphotographer_0034 langleyweddingphotographer_0035 langleyweddingphotographer_0036 langleyweddingphotographer_0037 langleyweddingphotographer_0038 langleyweddingphotographer_0039 langleyweddingphotographer_0040 langleyweddingphotographer_0041 langleyweddingphotographer_0042 langleyweddingphotographer_0043 langleyweddingphotographer_0044 langleyweddingphotographer_0045 langleyweddingphotographer_0046 langleyweddingphotographer_0047 langleyweddingphotographer_0048 langleyweddingphotographer_0049 langleyweddingphotographer_0050 langleyweddingphotographer_0051 langleyweddingphotographer_0052 langleyweddingphotographer_0053 langleyweddingphotographer_0054 langleyweddingphotographer_0055 langleyweddingphotographer_0056 langleyweddingphotographer_0057 langleyweddingphotographer_0058

K+M Engaged- (Crescent Beach Engagement Photographer)

April 27th, 2015

There is something extremely magical about a late summer/early fall sunset.  Blackie Spit is one of my absolute favorite spots for sessions.  The evening light is just so gorgeous, the surroundings are so lush and green and the ocean is right beside us.  The best of so many worlds :)
I’ve known M since high school and I have to say, I’ve never seen him as happy as he is now.  K brings out something in him that I’ve never seen anyone else bring out.  True happiness!
I am so excited for their wedding this year!!  It’s going to be an amazing day and I can’t wait to celebrate with them and to capture their love story for them!!

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