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About Michelle Lana Photography

Capturing Real Life… Natural, Genuine, Spontaneous.

I am an on location photographer located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I prefer the use of natural light and honest smiles.

Welcome to my blog, thank you for stopping by!!!! I use this site to post recent work, sometimes personal, sometimes professional. Sorta like a photo diary! You can get to know a little more about me, my children and my friends and family.

Contact me at 604.339.3675 or info@michellelanaphotography.ca

T+T Kootenay Lake Wedding-(Kootenay Lake Destination Wedding Photographer)

December 3rd, 2014

I am so behind on blogging!!! I can’t believe I have only blogged one wedding so far from 2014!!!  I had a great wedding season this year.  I was a part of so many beautiful weddings!  I need to get them up here so you all can see :)

In August, I was lucky enough to travel all the way to a teeny tiny BEAUTIFUL town in the Kootenay’s for a wedding.  The town of Crawford Bay.  What a stunning setting.  I absolutely adore British Columbia.  We are surrounded with such beauty.  This fabulous couple lives in Alberta, but they have a bit of a history in this beautiful town.  They had their ceremony at a very close family friend’s place.  They wed on a deck overlooking the lake.  Seriously beautiful.

What a great day.  It really doesn’t get any better being surrounded by family & friends and gorgeous scenery.  Congratulations to this fantastic couple!!!

Thank you so much to my dear friend, Meghan for her hospitality and companionship as well!  :) :) It was so awesome to be able to spend time with you and R for the long weekend :)

kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0001 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0002 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0003 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0004 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0005 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0006 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0007 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0008 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0009 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0010 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0011 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0012 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0013 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0014 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0015 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0016 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0017 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0018 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0019 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0020 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0021 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0022 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0023 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0024 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0025 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0026 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0027 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0028 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0029 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0030 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0031 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0032 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0033 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0034 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0035 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0036 kootenaylakeweddingphotographer_0037

Lyla turns one!! *Campbell Valley Park Family Photographer*

November 6th, 2014



Sweet Lyla turned one this year :) I love photographing her.  I’ve watched her grow this past year and have loved every single minute of it!  She’s such a beautiful and happy child!!
We met out at Campbell Valley Park for her session… absolutely ADORE the clothing choices her mama made!  They always look so perfect :)
campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0001 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0002 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0003 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0004 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0005 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0006 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0007 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0008 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0009 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0010 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0011 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0012 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0013 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0014 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0015

G+Z Wedding- (Surrey Wedding Photographer)

October 15th, 2014

A few years back, I held a contest on my facebook fanpage and G+Z won a free engagement session :)  I was so excited when they also booked their wedding with me :)

Their wedding was perfect!!  I’m a bit behind on blogging this year… they actually got married back in July :)  It was a gorgeous and sunny day!

thank you so much to my amazing second shooter, Larissa, for helping me out on this day!!!  She took a handful of these images, including these first ones of the guys getting ready :)

Enjoy :)

surreyweddingphotographer_0001 surreyweddingphotographer_0002 surreyweddingphotographer_0003 surreyweddingphotographer_0004 surreyweddingphotographer_0005 surreyweddingphotographer_0006 surreyweddingphotographer_0007 surreyweddingphotographer_0008 surreyweddingphotographer_0009 surreyweddingphotographer_0010 surreyweddingphotographer_0011 surreyweddingphotographer_0012 surreyweddingphotographer_0013 surreyweddingphotographer_0014 surreyweddingphotographer_0015 surreyweddingphotographer_0016 surreyweddingphotographer_0017 surreyweddingphotographer_0018 surreyweddingphotographer_0019 surreyweddingphotographer_0021 surreyweddingphotographer_0022 surreyweddingphotographer_0023 surreyweddingphotographer_0024 surreyweddingphotographer_0025

surreyweddingphotographer_0020 surreyweddingphotographer_0026 surreyweddingphotographer_0027 surreyweddingphotographer_0028 surreyweddingphotographer_0029 surreyweddingphotographer_0030 surreyweddingphotographer_0031 surreyweddingphotographer_0032 surreyweddingphotographer_0033 surreyweddingphotographer_0034 surreyweddingphotographer_0035 surreyweddingphotographer_0036 surreyweddingphotographer_0037 surreyweddingphotographer_0038 surreyweddingphotographer_0039 surreyweddingphotographer_0040 surreyweddingphotographer_0041 surreyweddingphotographer_0042 surreyweddingphotographer_0043 surreyweddingphotographer_0044 surreyweddingphotographer_0045 surreyweddingphotographer_0046 surreyweddingphotographer_0047 surreyweddingphotographer_0048 surreyweddingphotographer_0049


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