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About Michelle Lana Photography

Capturing Real Life… Natural, Genuine, Spontaneous.

I am an on location photographer located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I prefer the use of natural light and honest smiles.

Welcome to my blog, thank you for stopping by!!!! I use this site to post recent work, sometimes personal, sometimes professional. Sorta like a photo diary! You can get to know a little more about me, my children and my friends and family.

Contact me at 604.339.3675 or info@michellelanaphotography.ca

Lyla turns one!! *Campbell Valley Park Family Photographer*

November 6th, 2014



Sweet Lyla turned one this year :) I love photographing her.  I’ve watched her grow this past year and have loved every single minute of it!  She’s such a beautiful and happy child!!
We met out at Campbell Valley Park for her session… absolutely ADORE the clothing choices her mama made!  They always look so perfect :)
campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0001 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0002 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0003 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0004 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0005 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0006 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0007 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0008 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0009 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0010 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0011 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0012 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0013 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0014 campbellvalleyparkfamilyphotographer_0015

G+Z Wedding- (Surrey Wedding Photographer)

October 15th, 2014

A few years back, I held a contest on my facebook fanpage and G+Z won a free engagement session :)  I was so excited when they also booked their wedding with me :)

Their wedding was perfect!!  I’m a bit behind on blogging this year… they actually got married back in July :)  It was a gorgeous and sunny day!

thank you so much to my amazing second shooter, Larissa, for helping me out on this day!!!  She took a handful of these images, including these first ones of the guys getting ready :)

Enjoy :)

surreyweddingphotographer_0001 surreyweddingphotographer_0002 surreyweddingphotographer_0003 surreyweddingphotographer_0004 surreyweddingphotographer_0005 surreyweddingphotographer_0006 surreyweddingphotographer_0007 surreyweddingphotographer_0008 surreyweddingphotographer_0009 surreyweddingphotographer_0010 surreyweddingphotographer_0011 surreyweddingphotographer_0012 surreyweddingphotographer_0013 surreyweddingphotographer_0014 surreyweddingphotographer_0015 surreyweddingphotographer_0016 surreyweddingphotographer_0017 surreyweddingphotographer_0018 surreyweddingphotographer_0019 surreyweddingphotographer_0021 surreyweddingphotographer_0022 surreyweddingphotographer_0023 surreyweddingphotographer_0024 surreyweddingphotographer_0025

surreyweddingphotographer_0020 surreyweddingphotographer_0026 surreyweddingphotographer_0027 surreyweddingphotographer_0028 surreyweddingphotographer_0029 surreyweddingphotographer_0030 surreyweddingphotographer_0031 surreyweddingphotographer_0032 surreyweddingphotographer_0033 surreyweddingphotographer_0034 surreyweddingphotographer_0035 surreyweddingphotographer_0036 surreyweddingphotographer_0037 surreyweddingphotographer_0038 surreyweddingphotographer_0039 surreyweddingphotographer_0040 surreyweddingphotographer_0041 surreyweddingphotographer_0042 surreyweddingphotographer_0043 surreyweddingphotographer_0044 surreyweddingphotographer_0045 surreyweddingphotographer_0046 surreyweddingphotographer_0047 surreyweddingphotographer_0048 surreyweddingphotographer_0049

S+K engaged-Shuswap Wedding Photographer

September 12th, 2014


These two are amazing!!!   When Sara mentioned maybe doing their session up in the Shuswap this summer, I was STOKED :) Any excuse to get my butt up to Salmon Arm to visit my sister (who also happens to be my best friend!!) sounds good to me!!
We met in Blind Bay… Sara’s grandparents used to live in Sorrento as well so it ended up being a perfect plan!  :)  I got super excited about the idea of a lakeside engagement session and decided to take my dads little row boat out for it as well :) It was the most beautiful and perfect night for it and we had a pretty great time!!! :) shuswapengagementphotographer_0001

shuswapengagementphotographer_0020 shuswapengagementphotographer_0003 shuswapengagementphotographer_0004 shuswapengagementphotographer_0005 shuswapengagementphotographer_0006 shuswapengagementphotographer_0007 shuswapengagementphotographer_0008 shuswapengagementphotographer_0009 shuswapengagementphotographer_0010 shuswapengagementphotographer_0011 shuswapengagementphotographer_0012 shuswapengagementphotographer_0013 shuswapengagementphotographer_0014 shuswapengagementphotographer_0015 shuswapengagementphotographer_0016 shuswapengagementphotographer_0017 shuswapengagementphotographer_0018


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