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T+K Wedding-(Surrey Wedding Photographer)

T+K had one incredible backyard, retro themed wedding.  I love T’s attention to detail in every single aspect of this day.  The ceremony and reception were both held in K’s parents backyard in Surrey.  It looked amazing… there are tons of detail shots included in this blog post for you to see!!!  The weather called for rain but we only got a slight shower just at the end of our first look portraits and it stopped for the rest of the day 🙂 couldn’t ask for more than that!!!
Big huge thank to Jennifer Kirk for helping me on this day!!  She photographed all of the guys getting ready portraits and a handful of images included in this post 🙂 Jenn YOU ROCK!!!

SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0001SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0002T made all of these fantastic details.  The corsages, boutonnieres, garter belt and bouquets were all handmade by her and her bridesmaids 🙂 How fantastic are these!!!!???? SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0003 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0004 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0005 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0006 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0007 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0008 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0009 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0010 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0011 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0012 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0013 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0014 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0015 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0016 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0017 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0018 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0019

Their first look was awesome!!!  K’s reaction was so perfect!!! SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0020 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0021 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0022 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0023 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0024 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0025 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0026 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0027 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0028 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0029 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0030 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0031 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0032 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0033 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0034 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0035 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0036 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0037 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0038 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0039 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0040 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0041 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0042 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0043 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0044 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0045 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0046 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0047 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0048 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0049 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0050 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0051 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0052 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0053 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0054 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0055 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0056 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0057 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0058 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0059 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0060 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0061 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0062 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0063 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0064 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0065 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0066 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0067 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0068 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0069 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0070 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0071 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0072 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0073 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0074 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0075 SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0076Their wedding bands had each other’s finger prints engraved on the inside of them! SurreyWeddingPhotographer_0077 Thank you so much Mr & Mrs V for having me be a part of your very special, gorgeous, fantastic wedding day!!!!  <3
Event Planner-6Pence

Hair Stylist-Amy Walters

Makeup Artist-Carla Hawksworth

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2 Responses to “T+K Wedding-(Surrey Wedding Photographer)”

  1. jaclyn says:

    You did an aswesome job capturing the personalities of these two ! Was an awesome wedding 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures! Simply amazing! Congrats!

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